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Foreign trade export industry-the case of inspection free export wooden cases

Category:Industry solutions Author:DingxingTime:2021-01-27 15:28:03 Visits:

    If you are engaged in export trade, you must be aware of the importance of a good packaging material for goods transportation. Dingxing Packaging can provide perfect packaging solutions for export enterprises. No matter via air transportation or sea transportation, via container or bulk carrier, we can help you deal with it easily.

    Dingxing wooden cases can provide safe and reliable protection for goods, no matter external protection or internal protection, to ensure that cargoes are not damaged during long-distance transportation.

    We have rich experience in protection against moisture, damp, dust, vibration and other aspects. No matter how far the distance and how bad the environment, we can provide you with reliable solutions.

    Dingxing wooden cases conform to ISPM15 standard, which can be directly exported without fumigation, reducing the export quarantine cost of enterprises.

    The convenient disassembly and assembly features of Dingxing wooden cases can help export enterprises improve packaging efficiency and reduce packaging labor costs, especially for Europe and the United States and other countries with expensive labor.

    Dingxing wooden case is designed by separating metal parts from wood. In European countries with strict environmental protection policies, there is no need to pay expensive waste treatment fees.

    The stackability of Dingxing wooden cases can optimize the storage space.

    Dingxing wooden case is beautiful in exterior, which can enhance the image of export-oriented enterprises.

For export enterprises that are eligible to implement recycling, our wooden case packaging scheme can help them save more than 70% of the cost.