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Expedited custom heavy-duty cardboard why so expensive?

Category:Common ProblemTime:2021-01-06 15:47:22 Visits:

   I often encounter some customers who want to rush the goods, and some even order the same day. In this case, it is much more expensive than usual. You may be puzzled. What is the reason for making these heavy carton packaging so expensive?

   Then start with the process of custom-made heavy-duty cartons.

   preliminary selection

   carton manufacturers provide all kinds of custom-made cartons, and the materials are all high-quality cardboard. The basic process customized by the customer is the selection of materials, and the relevant salesperson will recommend and match the most suitable carton production raw materials for the customer according to the customer's requirements.

  Proposed specifications

   The second step of carton customization is the design of carton specifications and styles. How to make customers satisfied with the carton customization plan? The demand analysis and professional advice of the carton factory are the "compass" of the customer.

  Pre-stored samples

  Customized carton customers will keep a sample of the product, and the carton manufacturer will save the size, shape, and style that the customer is satisfied with.

   production and modification

  Customized carton allows customers to have a high-quality experience, meticulous production, printing, packaging, manufacturers are pursuing excellence in every link. The formed cartons also need to be reprocessed, and professionals can fine-tune and modify the products to meet the expectations of customers to the greatest extent.


   Normal carton customization has to go through so many steps. If some customers want to call in an urgent call, they say that they need to order more than 10 boxes, and the material should be relatively good. Thinking that there was still some cardboard left in the list of a company before, I suggested that he go directly to the factory to choose the material. After he came over, he felt that other paper materials that were of the right size for his box did not meet his requirements. The paper material that met his requirements was too big, and there was no way. We can only change it with this big paper of good material. Originally, the cost of a box with a price of 4 yuan has become 6 yuan, and with these, it has reached 7 yuan each. This is why some urgent goods are more expensive. Because this piece of paper was originally made into this small box, basically it can't be used for other things. So when we calculate the cost of the box, we must take the whole piece of paper into consideration. This is the reason.