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What are the raw materials for making heavy cartons

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      It is understood that only a few carton manufacturers in my country can obtain high profits at present, and the vast majority of carton manufacturers actually rely on quantity to win profits, which creates an environment of vicious competition in order to grab orders. Of course, while saving costs, it is inevitable to pay attention to the raw materials for carton production. So what are the raw materials for carton packaging?


      The base paper is what we often call kraft paper, the yellow kind. Because it has not been bleached, it guarantees its unique toughness, abrasion resistance, and strength to a large extent. This is also the case. It is commonly used in outer packaging, and is generally used in industry. Paper is widely used in the packaging industry.

       The base paper is divided into cow card, white card, core paper, and pit paper.

       Cow card is the kraft paper mentioned above. Because it is produced without bleaching to ensure the quality, it has a lot of fiber material, and the color is yellow or brown. It is as hard as kraft, so it is commonly called kraft paper. The kraft paper used in the industry is divided into A paper and B Paper, C paper (noodle paper), K paper. Due to my country’s technology and other reasons, Russian paper, American cow card, etc. are imported from abroad. K paper is the best cow card paper 250g/㎡, and A paper is generally 175g/ ㎡, B paper is 150g/㎡, C paper is 127g/㎡ liner paper.

       White card is a kind of paper with different color from cow card produced in response to packaging needs. Because it has been bleached, the index of hardness, wear resistance, and puncture is too discounted, generally 175g/㎡.

       The core paper is the wavy paper we see, generally replaced by "3", and the paper sandwiched in the middle of the corrugated paper is generally core paper, the sandwiched paper is called the "intermediate", but now it is required to package High-strength cores have appeared in terms of quality. The unit price of high-strength cores is calculated based on gram weight. Some people use high-strength cores or cattle cards as the partition. The hardness of the cardboard produced by this is conceivable. The unit price of cardboard must be accumulated. The sum of materials.